Safe Harbor Inn is a nonprofit hotel for families and people in need of transitional housing.

Anchor Arms, Inc., a 501c3 Alaska nonprofit corporation formed in 1999, owns and operates the Safe Harbor Inn, Alaska’s first nonprofit hotels: Safe Harbor Merrill Field and Safe Harbor Muldoon.

Our mission is to provide safe, secure, comfortable, dignified transitional lodging for homeless families and individuals—especially those with disabilities, and especially those with mental disabilities—who are clients of local social service agencies, health care organizations, and job training and employment organizations.

Our goal is that as many of our guests as possible will benefit from their lodging at Safe Harbor , get back on their feet, and move on to permanent housing and self-sufficiency. To date, we have fulfilled that goal beyond all expectation.

Since it opened on November 9, 2001, Safe Harbor Inn has expanded three times and now includes two hotels: Safe Harbor Merrill Field, with 55 rooms, and Safe Harbor Muldoon, with 50 rooms. Both hotels are full all the time.

How it Works:

Each Safe Harbor Inn facility is a hotel—not a social service agency, not a “program,” not rental housing, not a care facility, not an institution. Our guests are guests—not “clients,” not “residents,” not “tenants,” not “cases.” Our watchwords are privacy, dignity, respect, warmth, and friendship. Case management services are provided to all guests by their referring agencies for the entire length of their stay at Safe Harbor.

Safe Harbor’s goal is for guests to get back on their feet and into permanent employment and permanent housing, so that they become self-sufficient and never have to be homeless again.

One of our “Super-size” rooms for families

All Safe Harbor hotel units are attractively and fully furnished, with two double beds or a king-size bed, full private bathrooms, cable TV (provided free by GCI), small refrigerators, and microwaves. Each Safe Harbor has a large community room for socializing, playroom for children, meeting space, and a 24-hour coin-op laundromat.

Major bus lines are within a block of both Safe Harbor hotels. At least two staff are on site at all times to assist guests with whatever they need and to provide security and companionship. The hotel offices and lobbies are open 24/7 with free coffee and snacks.

Guests are referred by more than 40 partner agencies in Anchorage. Referred guests must be homeless and have very low incomes (as defined by HUD), must be receiving case management services from their referring agency to help them get back on their feet, and must be unable to afford another place to stay.

Guests can stay at Safe Harbor Inn for as long as their referring agencies continue to provide services to them, as long as they continue to abide by the house rules, and as long as their lodging fees ($425 for each 30-day period, $475 for large size rooms) are paid on time. There is an 18th month maximum length of stay with an option to extend for 6 additional months..

When guests are ready to move to permanent housing, Safe Harbor staff help them find apartments and  provide landlord references when warranted.

To date, more than 70% of Safe Harbor guests have moved successfully to permanent housing. Guest level of satisfaction with Safe Harbor services, as measured on exit questionnaires, is over 98%. The hotels’ waiting lists remain long (more than 200 people) and both hotels remain at full occupancy all the time.